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Bagan Disaster Risk Management Plan (DRMP) (Английский)

The Bagan Disaster Risk Management Plan (Bagan DRMP) is an initiative of the Government of Myanmar (GOM) to: understand the risks facing the Bagan Cultural, Heritage Site, especially in terms of the heritage attributes, visitors, and residents, clarify relevant management frameworks; capture the current measures pursued by Bagan's many stakeholders to manage and reduce those risks; andset out an Action Plan to enhance disaster risk management (DRM) at Bagan. In recognition of the many features that make Bagan a complex cultural ecosystem, the Bagan DRMP seeks an integrated approach to manage risk in terms of: the risk to physical monuments and the integrity of the site, the risk to the cultural and economic activity in and around the site, and the risk to the well-being of local people and communities in and around Bagan.

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