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Closing the gap in education, technology, and productivity in El Salvador : Cerrando la brecha en educacion, tecnologia, y productividad en El Salvador (Испанский)

The Bank is providing technical assistance to the Government of El Salvador, the country's private sector, and civil society to help strengthen corporate social responsibility (CSR) practice, as a component of El Salvador's strategy to compete in the global economy. Following the Bank's first mission in September 2002, it was agreed with the Ministry of Education that follow-up technical assistance would be provided to the Ministry itself, FUNDAEDUCA and FIDES. By the end of 2002, also in agreement with the Ministry and FUNDEMAS, it was decided that the assistance would include supporting the organization of a national conference around the theme of closing the gap in education, technology and productivity. This event would provide the opportunity to discuss the document "Closing the gap in education and technology¨ in the Salvadoran context. This paper outlines the conclusions and recommendations from such Conference, which in accordance to the previously mentioned document "what countries, and in particular companies, need is to learn how to learn. The key factor of success of some countries is the early realization of the need for an explicit policy, sustained, and efficient to take the private sector into cutting edge technology, and second, the focus on accumulating human capital."

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