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Philippines - Second National Roads Improvement Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 28) : Environmental management plan for Surigao - Davao Coastal road (Manay - Mati) (Английский)

The objective of the Second Roads Improvement Project for the Philippines is to establish an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable management system for an improved National Roads System (NRS). This Initial Environmental Examination document (IEE) or in Bank's terms an Environmental Assessment (EA) contains data on environmental analysis on the proposed project and secondary data on the physical, biological, socio-economic study and some baseline studies from the field. Potential environmental impacts arise from project implementation, namely due to construction, and mitigation measures are provided in the EA, in compliance with the country's environmental laws and regulations, and the Bank's operational directives on the environment. The following are some of the mitigation measures that will be implemented during and after construction activities: provide protection equipment during rock blasting; review appropriate explosives and detonators and prohibit long lasting blasting periods; install silent mufflers to reduce construction and vehicular traffic noise; construction, particularly excavations, should be conducted during the dry season to avoid soil erosion and landslides; re-vegetation practices will be ensured following construction, specifically selecting natives species; also, after construction new trees will be planted that suitable to the area; allocate sufficient number of water spray trucks for dust control; stockpiles of soil and sand should be kept covered, while standard erosion control measures should be followed, including the use of stormwater drainage; wastes should be removed and disposed of appropriately; wastewater leakage, waters, and solid wastes shall be immediately repaired, followed by either adequate disposal, or waste recycling as possible; educate workers to clean their footwear; wear gas respirators during painting steel sheets and lane marking; hire experience skilled workers for operating construction heavy equipment including crane transportation vehicle, excavation and paving equipment; avoid excessive overloading; minimize displacement of families and structures; avoid night work; and finally, provide compensation for damages to assets of indigenous peoples (IPs) in a manner that is equitable and appropriate to their cultural practices.

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