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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Honduras - Innovation for Rural Competitiveness Project - COMRURAL III - P174328 (Английский)

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Honduras - Innovation for Rural Competitiveness Project - COMRURAL III - P174328

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Review Summary; negative impacts of climate change; broad range of stakeholders; sustainable management; access to basic service; disposal of construction waste; health and safety risk; community health and safety; Rain-fed Agriculture; sustainable natural resource management; female labor force participation; national parks and reserves; vulnerability to climate change; access to financial service; Food and Nutrition Security; private financial institution; construction and rehabilitation; crime and violence; private sector institutions; cultural heritage value; means of communication; code of conduct; participation of woman; channels of communication; food security issue; climate change mitigation; forest certification system; small scale producer; sustainable forest management; impact of investments; private financial sector; Principles and Criteria; small business owner; impacts on biodiversity; Sustainable Economic Development; high crime rate; high poverty rate; million people; public sector service; rural infrastructure investment; rural road rehabilitation; inclusion of women; access to internet; cultural heritage site; agriculture and livestock; loss of life; water for agriculture; waste management plan; adverse health impact; development of site; significant adverse impact; use of water; lack of security; soil management practice; crop and livestock; social and environmental; high risk area; efficient water use; indices of biodiversity; civil works; Social Risk Rating; Agricultural Value Chain; use of security; diversity of habitat; protected area; indigenous people; Indigenous Peoples; food system; vulnerable group; agriculture sector; afro descendants; natural habitat; infrastructure work; direct beneficiaries; family farmers; online channels; Public Services; water balance; human capital; value addition; project intervention; community workers; mitigation measure; social capacity; stakeholder engagement; tropical storm; public meeting; public consultation; dedicated phone; social media; Rural Poor; high vulnerability; matching grant; tertiary road; unsustainable exploitation; rural area; Natural Resources; mangrove forest; Land tenure; critical habitat; tree plantation; extreme poverty; largest groups; national population; enforcement capacity; economic recovery; private security; social inclusion; environmental risk; Business Climate; institutional strengthening; social impact; legal framework; food sector; working condition; external shock; public announcement; forced labor; business environment; financial intermediaries; indigenous population; environmental specialist; infrastructure activities; detailed planning; sexual harassment; contract worker; production technique; temporary worker; organizational innovation; affected communities; macroeconomic shock; broader community; managerial capacity; institutional framework; consultation process; food safety; recovery process; project costing; water catchment; extreme weather; project execution; involuntary resettlement; minimum age; indigenous community; indigenous communities; enabling environment; active participation; land use; in poverty; project finance; seasonal drought; building design; security service; police force; road safety; Efficient Lighting; Labor Law; community dynamics; labor influx; small-scale irrigation; other sectors; communication strategy; limited infrastructure; rainy season; effective monitoring; urban setting; forward linkages; rural community; wetland habitat; general assessment; coffee processing; job opportunity; job opportunities; financial feasibility; drainage scheme; technical expertise; farm irrigation; pumping system; water saving; water productivity; earth movement; community exposure; watershed management; irrigation works; Livestock Production; environmental liability; raw material; water pollution; forest habitat; waste stream; irrigation system; water storag

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