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Tunisian labor market disparities note : Note d'orientation sur le marche de l'emploi dans les zones urbaines de Tunisie (Французский)

This brief states that despite steady progress in the field of education and access to basic services Tunisia still faces persistent regional disparities. The country has experienced over the past decade high unemployment which, after a brief improvement mainly due to recruitment in the public sector has only worsened since 2009. This guidance note first highlights disparities between the interior regions and coastal regions, and between youth and adults. It then offers recommendations how to fill geographical fractures and to improve the situation of young people on the labor market. It points out that it would first be necessary to foster job creation in the inner regions, where it would also be necessary to relax the constraints to the local private sector. Secondly it is important to facilitate national and geographical mobility to improve local links between centers for job creation and peripheral habitat areas. Finally, it will be important to improve policies for an active labor market to better focus, better monitor and evaluate programs for better employment.

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    Note d'orientation sur le marche de l'emploi dans les zones urbaines de Tunisie

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