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Official Documents- Letter Agreement for JSDF Grant TF0B6347 (Английский)

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    Africa East,

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    Official Documents- Letter Agreement for JSDF Grant TF0B6347

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    Annual Work Plan and Budget; education service; Education Services; quality of education service; Financial Management and Accounting; Environmental and Social Safeguard; local civil society organizations; delivery of education service; social accountability; Parent Teacher Association; JSDF Grant; education service delivery; purposes of section; grievance redress mechanism; expenditures for materials; maintenance and repair; personal protective equipment; entry of judgment; condition of effectiveness; amount of fund; gap in education; public expenditure tracking; capacity of community; quality of textbook; citizen engagement; collusive practice; community group; knowledge exchange; mid-term evaluation; reasonable opportunity; project finance; Coercive Practice; community interest; interface meetings; community engagement; train activity; musical performance; radio program; grant funds; community gatherings; Community Services; community participation; reporting system; competent jurisdiction; payment obligation; political analysis; community awareness; workshop on participation; procurement regulation; non-profit organization; preventive measure; affected communities; Financing plans; calendar year; finance manager; operational procedure; organizational arrangement; social media; grievance mechanism; results framework; baseline survey; tax levy; tax decrease; community knowledge; school construction; response measure; community capacity; textbook delivery; budget datum; Cultural Heritage; land use; land acquisition; social commitment; Indigenous Peoples; banking charge; pollution prevention; Resource Efficiency; working condition; stakeholder engagement; insurance cost; vehicle operation; Disbursement Guidelines; Natural Resources; involuntary resettlement

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