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Ghana - Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) and 2004 annual progress report (Английский)

The Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS II) for the period 2006-09, prepared by the Government of Ghana, builds on lessons learned during the 2003-05 Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS I) implementation. The Joint Staff Advisory Note (JSAN) summarizes staffs' review of the GPRS II, and the 2004 annual progress report (APR), and provides advice on key priorities for strengthening the updated strategy, and promoting its effective implementation. After the overview, the JSAN discusses poverty trends and the GPRS II macroeconomic policies, strategic pillars, and monitoring and evaluation. This is followed by a summary of the main conclusions and issues for discussion. The GPRS II is anchored on three strategic pillars - private sector competitiveness, human resource development, and good governance and civic responsibility - and, updates the strategy laid out in the GPRS I. Staffs welcome the strengthened focus on growth, and the priority attached to structural transformation stated in the GPRS II. However, the broad policy framework needs to be translated into a set of time-bound and monitorable actions and results, with an appropriate pro-poor focus. In particular, the document should have addressed how to better use the GPRS II as an overarching framework, and how to embed the GPRS II into annual budget preparation and the medium-term expenditure framework. While the GPRS II seeks to ensure consistency between sectoral strategies, treatment of different sectors is uneven, and does not reflect their relative importance in the economy, and the complexity of issues to be tackled. Bank and Fund staffs believe the GPRS II outlines a comprehensive framework for growth and poverty reduction in Ghana, however, it would have further benefited from analyzing the risks to the strategy. Looking ahead, the staffs consider that further work is need for strengthening the implementation of the GPRS II.

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