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Guatemala - Expanding Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups Project : resettlement plan (Испанский)

The development objective of the Expanding Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups Project of Guatemala is to reduce rural poverty by improving connectivity in rural areas to educational services, health care, economic and production that are essential for the development of communities and families who live in rural areas and this way complement the aims of the project. The project will bring positive impacts through the implementation of all sub-components. However, the sub component 2 related to the rehabilitation, improvement and maintenance of roads may require the construction of works such as gutters, extensions wide tread and others that could lead to removal of houses, business or loss of crops. Also under component 3 of the rural infrastructure, irrigation works may be included. Although the Government of Guatemala has committed to sub component 2, that will not include the opening of new roads and that will only be rehabilitated and improved existing ones. None of the activities to be undertaken under this project should involve resettlement, although there is a potential risk of landowners relocating and / or being compensated for their land.

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