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Argentina - Salado Integrated River Basin Management Support Project : Restructuring (Английский)

The development objective of the Salado Integrated River Basin Management Support Project for Argentina is to enhance flood protection and strengthen the capacity of the responsible institutions for integrated water resources monitoring and management in the Salado river basin. The restructuring will: (i) include a new component to respond to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) emergency with activities that stimulate job creation in the construction sector and increase the supply of housing for vulnerable populations; (ii) reduce the scope of activities related to the non-structural measures for water resources management in the context of the economic crisis; (iii) revise the project development objective (PDO) and results frameworks to reflect the changes to the activities supported by the project; (iv) make changes to the implementation arrangements; and (v) extend the loan closing date by 12 months to compensate for the COVID-19 related delays and ensure completion of new component.

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