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Colombia - Anchicaya Hydroelectric Project (Английский)

The Anchicaya Hydroelectric Project for Colombia will provide a loan to the Central Hidroelectrica del Rio Anchicaya (CHIDRAL) to cover the costs for the construction of the Anchicaya Center power station with an initial capacity of 24,000 kw. CHIDRAL has full rights to the development of the Anchicaya River which is estimated to have a power potential between 350,000 to 400,000 kw. In order to exploit the power potential of the river, a new station must be developed. The project will accomplish this goal by: 1) constructing a power station; 2) constructing a gravity type dam with a spillway, reservoir, gravity tunnel, surge tank, and penstock; 3) procuring generating equipment consisting of two 17,100 h.p. Francis type turbines; 4) constructing a powerhouse; 5) purchasing transformer equipment; and 6) installing transmission lines. These new additions will help to expand the power supply system in the Anchicaya River area.

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