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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Education MPA for West Bank Gaza - P177299 (Английский)

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Подробная Информация

  • Автор

    Nikaein Towfighian,Samira

  • Дата подготовки документа


  • Тип документа

    Информационный документ о проекте

  • Номер отчета


  • Том


  • Total Volume(s)


  • Страна

    Западный берег реки Иордан и Сектор Газа,

  • Регион

    Ближний Восток и Северная Африка,

  • Дата раскрытия информации


  • Disclosure Status


  • Название документа

    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Education MPA for West Bank Gaza - P177299

  • Ключевые слова

    Progress in International Reading Literacy Study; student assessment system; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; secondary school leaving examination; Student Learning Assessment; years of schooling; Occupational health and safety; Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; real gross domestic product; results-based financing; real per capita income; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; representative sample of student; Upper Middle Income Countries; community health and safety; human capital; early grade; digital skills; risk of exposure; student learn outcome; lack of participation; education sector reform; Labor Market; preparation of teacher; living in poverty; power and water; model education; child with disability; fields of study; terms of knowledge; inequality of opportunity; international student assessment; women headed household; higher-order thinking skill; career guidance system; secondary education student; provision of book; agriculture and industry; supply of good; tertiary education institution; intangible cultural heritage; amount of wastes; higher education degree; Early childhood education; lower secondary education; upper secondary education; lack of exposure; adverse environmental impact; primary school student; literacy and numeracy; children and youth; million people; loss of job; gender based violence; Finance for Development; international good practice; preservice teacher education; conflict and violence; human development outcome; labor market outcome; supply and installation; national development plan; secondary school diploma; Investment Project Financing; safety of worker; human capital formation; risk of exclusion; investments in education; unemployment rate; international assessment; remote location; social requirement; basic reading; Basic Education; labor management; digital technology; mitigation measure; career choice; internationally comparable; Electronic Waste; education stakeholder; participating country; soft skills; diagnostic assessment; Education Policy; environmental risk; positive impact; secondary student; education challenge; civil works; education agenda; vaccination campaign; Social Assessment; stakeholder engagement; reading outcome

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