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ARTF : administrator's report on financial status as of March 20, 2011 (end of Hamal - twelfth month of SY1389) (Английский)

At the end of SY1389, the committed cash balance stood at United States (U.S.) 503.31 million dollars comprising: (a) U.S. $24.57 balance in the recurrent cost trust fund (excluding the U.S. 50 million dollars in the designated account); (b) combined undisbursed balance of the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) active investment portfolio of U.S. 425.13 million dollars; and (c) U.S. 3.61 million dollars reserved for the monitoring agent, leaving a net unallocated cash balance of U.S. 225.24 million dollars. This report presents tabular data on: ARTF contributions for SY1389, as of March 20, 2011; ARTF consolidated sources and uses of funds; recurrent cost financing requirement for SY1389; ARTF financing strategy; actual and expected donor contributions; expressed donor preferences by projects; ARTF commitments and disbursements; and community recovery for Nagarjuna Sagar Project (NSP) III and analysis of un-disbursed investment window.

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