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Honduras - Agriculture and Food Security in the Dry Corridor Project : preparation mission - March 3 to 7, 2014 : Honduras - Proyecto de Agricultura y Seguridad Alimentaria en el Corredor Seco : mision de preparacion - 3 al 7 de Marzo de 2014 (Испанский)

This Aide Memoire of the Agriculture and Food Security in the Dry Corridor Project of Honduras states that a World Bank mission visited Honduras between the 3 and March 7, 2014 with the aim of carrying out a mission of preparing the Draft Agriculture and Food Security in Dry Spell by GAFSP funds. This document summarizes the conclusions and agreements achieved viz. 1) Project components have been reduced from four to three, given the combination of components in agricultural and non-agricultural activities. 2) Three scenarios of implementation, MCA-H continuously analyzing the most suitable strategy for implementation program, which is being revised to the level of the Dry Spell (ACS) Committee. 3) With regard to the staff of the project, it was decided to pay for the cost by share percentage and USAID and other donors. This project will also contribute to the goals of the Alianza para el Corredor Seco Program which are: (i) to reduce extreme poverty by increasing rural incomes; (ii) to reduce stunting of children under five years of age by improving the nutritional status of women and children; and (ii i) to increase national capacity in monitoring and evaluation of food and nutrition security

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