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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - BBIN Regional Transport and Trade Facilitation Program - Nepal Phase 1 - P177902 (Английский)

Подробная Информация

  • Автор

    Nora,Jan Erik

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  • Тип документа

    Информационный документ о проекте

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  • Регион

    Южная Азия,

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  • Название документа

    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - BBIN Regional Transport and Trade Facilitation Program - Nepal Phase 1 - P177902

  • Ключевые слова

    Environmental and Social Risk Classification; Occupational health and safety; adaptive capacity of communities; free flow of good; cross-border movement of good; community health and safety; impact of climate change; Connectivity and Trade; Trade and Transport; trade and transportation; regional road network; degradation of forest; efficiency of transport; cost of transport; mode of transport; free trade agreement; Environmental Risk Management; disaster risk financing; trade in goods; infrastructure and services; displacement and resettlement; climate change impact; energy and water; volume of traffic; value of trade; patterns of interaction; Investment Project Financing; return on investment; extreme climate events; extreme weather event; trade facilitation measures; cross border freight; trade facilitation agenda; reduction in travel; procedural impediment; border points; transport cost; ghg emissions; inland water; border post; freight volume; technology adoption; global market; total trade; regional connectivity; climate resilience; supply chain; Job Creation; clearance time; nontariff barrier; trade disruption; trade costs; border transit; guarantee scheme; customs cooperation; cross point; transit traffic; freight market; border crossing; adequate infrastructure; international border; road section; public transportation mode; transport mode; nontariff measure; railway network; multimodal transport; railway corridor; civil works; modal freight; waterway network; Digital Solutions; regulatory process; enhancing competitiveness; Carbon sequestration; landscape level; ecological sustainability; transport time; infrastructure asset; automated system; border delays; human interaction; truck volume; resilient infrastructure; economic integration; flood risk; efficient building; global trade; legislative reform; transport service; sustainable transport; transit facilitation; intense rainfall; customs requirement; transport demand; freight movement; high tariff; simple average; transport network; across border; high trade; green growth; sustainable access; Trade Policy; Trade Restrictiveness; Waste Management; social distance; economic recovery; institutional context; technological progress; wildlife habitat; technical feasibility; protective tariff; transport integration; several factors; alternative route; potential trade; welfare gains; sexual harassment; social consequence; coastal shipping; potential exposure; export sector; labor influx; significant challenge; sensitive locations; social commission; perishable good; border closure; freight transport; Trade Policies; intraregional trade; trade measure; water pollution; project costing; Transport Finance; trade process; rent seeking; geographical disadvantage; regulatory requirement; cumulative impact; project datum

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