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Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR) Document - Malawi Strategic Program for Climate Resilience - P163245 (Английский)

Ratings of Malawi Strategic Program for Climate Resilience Project were as follows: outcome was satisfactory, Bank performance was moderately satisfactory, and monitoring and evaluation quality was modest. Some of the lessons learned include: (i) The sustained engagement and commitment of key government institutions, along with an inclusive and participatory process, are important for successfully achieving project results and ensuring sustainability; (ii) Carefully designed/restructured Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) results indicators and metrics can improve results; and (iii) Coordination of funding of investment projects need to be consistent to maintain smooth relationship among the client, Multilateral Development Bank (MDBs) and the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Administrative Unit to avoid unfulfilled expectations.

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    Zmijewski,Nicholas Stephen

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    Отчет о завершении и результатах проекта

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    Africa East, Африка,

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    Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR) Document - Malawi Strategic Program for Climate Resilience - P163245

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    STEP Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement; analytical study; Pilot Program for Climate Resilience; Strategic Program for Climate Resilience; assessment of climate change impact; effect of climate change; national climate change; impact of climate change; assessments of climate risk; Rain-fed Agriculture; threat of climate change; awareness of climate change; multilateral development bank; resilience to climate change; climate-related events; nationally appropriate mitigation actions; food and agriculture organization; national forestry policy; action on climate change; impact of climate variability; climate services; knowledge product; result indicator; Agricultural Value Chain; pigeon pea; million people; capacity building component; sustainable fishery; Country Partnership Strategy; quality at entry; lake habitat; climate sensitive sectors; Agricultural Investment; future climate change; population growth rate; climate resilient development; sustainable development goals; series of workshops; international good practice; nationally determine contribution; social and environmental; agricultural production loss; assessment of achievement; financial management arrangement; national sustainable development; approach to training; impacts on agriculture; Travel and transportation; value chain analysis; land use practice; Country Assistance Strategies; country assistance strategy; improving food security; global environment facility; limited capacity; early warning system; extreme weather event; natural resource use; Energy and Mining; national irrigation policy; national water policy; national environmental policy; capacity building training; road transport sector; results framework; climate impact; information gap; fishery value; consultative manner; gap analysis; fishery ecosystem; national investment; fishing community; development partner; study including; stakeholder engagement; strategic investment; project costing; gender dimension; consultancy service; existing knowledge; consultative process; joint mission

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