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Brazil - Additional Financing for Second Minas Gerais Partnership (SWAP) Project : environmental assessment : Marco de referência ambiental (Португальский)

The project will support the Government of Minas Gerais in its efforts to implement the State for Results model in order to improve quality and efficiency in the delivery of public goods and services, reinforcing the fiscal and macroeconomic advances made through previous reforms, with the overall objective of promoting economic growth and poverty reduction. This project is designed to: a) Help the Government of Minas Gerais to strengthen fiscal quality by increasing the efficiency of public expenditures at the sectoral level; b) Support the process of improved innovation in public management of the State, including more efficient and effective processes for the delivery of services; c) Support the Government of Minas Gerais in implanting a system of monitoring and evaluation of results in order to reinforce improved fiscal quality and modernization of public sector management. With respect to road civil works, environmental impacts resulting from the execution of such works on existing road sections are expected to be relatively minor, and mostly related to civil works' execution. Essentially, most of the negative aspects of the project will be manifested in the areas of health, education and transportation.

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