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Tanzania - Transport Sector Support Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social impact statement : detailed engineering design and preparation of tender documents for the rehabilitation of the Arusha - Minjingu road and construction of new Arusha western bypass (Английский)

The objective of the Transport Sector Support Project is to improve the performance of the transport sector in Tanzania in order to enhance economic growth and reduce poverty. Negative measures include: air pollution, noise, erosion, water resources, natural resources, and impact on tourism. Mitigation measures include: a) protect susceptible surfaces with mulch, and plant erodible surfaces as soon as possible; b) fine particle materials on site like cement should be enclosed and covered; c) wheel washing facilities shall be installed and used by all vehicles leaving the site; d) design and construct appropriately located rest areas at scenic location; e) ensure that the road is designed and build with most suitable road surface taking into account the road roughness; f) rehabilitate existing and new borrow areas and quarries such that communities benefit from the potential water holes by trimming with shallow slopes allowing livestock access; and g) provide drainage works as needed to reduce risk, according to prior surveys.

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