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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - AF MALI COVID-19 Emergency Response Project - P174457 (Английский)

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    Taptue Fotso,Jean Claude

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - AF MALI COVID-19 Emergency Response Project - P174457

  • Ключевые слова

    Environmental and Social Review Summary; access to health care service; Free, Prior and Informed Consent; community health and safety; access to health facility; Risks and Mitigation Measures; emergency response; sustainable management; Environmental and Social Performance; access to health service; monitoring and evaluation plan; Occupational health and safety; personal protective equipment; medical waste; international good practice; public health intervention; disease surveillance system; stakeholder mobilization; categories of worker; infection control precautions; Social Risk Rating; civil society actor; protection of workers; health care facility; health care facilities; finance provision; emergency response activity; indigenous community; community engagement; indigenous communities; social exclusion; environmental specialist; stakeholder engagement; financial intermediaries; traditional authority; low trust; health specialist; political risk; clean water; medical condition; grievance mechanism; evaluation activity; vulnerable group; ethical principle; general assessment; social context; laboratory worker; financing instrument; community level; Infectious Disease; behavior change; essential services; Displaced Population; Natural Resources; social affairs; humanitarian emergency; healthcare worker; project datum; timely access; project risk; fee waiver; institutional framework; land acquisition; hand hygiene; environmental rating; public consultation; Basic Sanitation; prevention measures; several areas; environmental risk; adequate supply; financing activities; case detection; laboratory capacity; Health Workers; civil works; construction activities; social inclusion; land use; physical characteristic; physical work; public space; security personnel; Cultural Heritage; medical professional; global pandemic; infected person

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