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Burkina Faso - BF:Agricultural Productivity Food Sec. (Английский)

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    IEG Review Team

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    Обзор отчета о завершении проекта

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    Burkina Faso - BF:Agricultural Productivity Food Sec.

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    Economic Internal Rate of Return; Internal Financial Rate of Return; Annual Work Plan and Budget; income-generating activity; agricultural research and extension system; income generating activity; project impact evaluation; economic and financial analysis; Institutional Development and Capacity; small and medium enterprise; Environmental and Social Safeguard; large number of women; Food and Nutrition Security; availability of food; capacity of poor; market information system; impact assessment study; theory of change; quality of supervision; national food security; access to microfinance; agricultural research system; milk collection center; access to finance; private service provider; land tenure security; sustainable private sector; share of resource; national production level; public service delivery; food processing equipment; crop yield increase; sustainable land management; social protection system; agricultural research agenda; share of benefit; warehouse receipt system; market price information; net present value; delays in disbursement; human capital development; exchange rate difference; government regulatory function; national procurement system; reduction in carbon; income from livestock; senior procurement specialist; water and electricity; vaccination of poultry; rural development strategy; source income; reallocation of fund; rapid population growth; quality at entry; achievement of outcome; increased agricultural productivity; food security stock; sustainable development plan; capacity building need; water user association; private sector financing; grain storage facility; wildlife resource management; source of income; rural market; food production; innovation platform; fish production; environmental benefit; food crop; project costing; food supply; matching grant; agricultural sector; Fish Farming; present evidence; shadow price; extension service; marketing cooperative; voucher distribution; project's impact; improved technologies; food availability; microfinance institution; sensitivity analysis; rural area; incremental benefits; Rural Sector; increased income; environmental safeguard; average yield; efficiency benefit; safeguard policy; project intervention; Safeguard Policies; project datum; local market; compost pit; producer price; crop production; local entities; protected area; electronic distribution; food producer; project's achievements; livestock fattening; food price; public fund; food need; increase productivity; market linkage; agricultural input; safeguard measure; discount rate; retail price; animal fattening; collected information; accounting method; income generation; livestock vaccination; cereal market; farm model; market efficiency; management committee; Livestock Production; farmer contribution; irrigation scheme; newcastle disease; capacity requirements; interagency coordination; environment benefit; Agricultural Extension; fish pond; cereal crop; poultry vaccination; evaluation study; genetic improvement; financing institution; Agricultural Technology; horticultural commodity; irrigation committee; livestock producer; sectoral strategy; milk producer; social need; wholesale price; input system; sound design; community labor; fertilizer industry; productivity increase; producer level; Advisory services; irrigation investment; capacity strengthening; sectoral development; project plan; production center; degraded lands; environmental intervention; stock exchange; available evidence; gross profit; local population; honey production; free market; production increase; marketing process; Carbon sequestration; disbursement delay; food commodity; family labor; information base; crop productivity; target zone; forest product; construction material; milk processing; food productivity; procurement review; agricultural intensification; nutritional outcome; local entrepreneur; income source; fishery production; input use; procurement performance; authorization process; national system

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