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Bolivia - Expanding Access to Reduce Health Inequities Project (APL III) : restructuring : Main report (Английский)

The objectives of the Expanding Access to Reduce Health Inequities Project (APL III) are to reduce occurrence of critical risk factors affecting maternal and infant health in the target areas so that current gaps between regions are reduced; (ii) reduce chronic malnutrition among children under two years of age in the target areas; (iii) increase health insurance coverage in the target areas and; (iv) upgrade the National Health Information System (Sistema Nacional de Informacion en Salud y Vigilancia Epidemiologica, SNIS) to ensure its integration into the Bolivia´s new health insurance program. The major changes to the project and rationale are the following: (a) reduce the scope of project components; (b) adjust the results framework to reflect changes in components; (c) cancel SDR 4.85 million of the total credit amount of SDR 11.7 million of which SDR9.8 million remain undisbursed; and (d) reallocate funds among categories consistent with the reduced scope of the project and reduced credit amount. The restructuring maintains the original Project Development Objectives (PDO) and should allow the project to achieve its targets by the expected closing date, provided that it benefits from a minimum stability in terms of the client's fiduciary and technical teams.

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