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Environmental health and child survival : epidemiology, economics, experiences (Английский)

This report complements Repositioning Nutrition as Central to Development by looking at environmental health issues that affect child health broadly, while also exploring the links through malnutrition. This report argues that environmental health interventions are preventive measures that are imperative to improve child survival with sustainable results in the long term. Preventive measures, such as improving environmental conditions are effective in reducing a child's exposure to a disease agent and thereby averting infection. The overall aim of this report is to provide information to decision-makers on the optimal design of policies to help reduce premature deaths and illness in children under five years of age. To protect the health, development, and wellbeing of young children, decision-makers must identify and reduce environmental risk factors by providing appropriate interventions that prevent and diminish exposures. This study is intended to advance the understanding of what those risk factors are, when and how to reduce children's exposure to them, and how to mitigate their consequent health impact.

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