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Benin - Additional Financing for the Second Decentralized City Management Project : restructuring (Vol. 2) : Data sheet (Английский)

The development objective of the Additional Financing for the Second Decentralized City Management Project is to increase access to infrastructure and basic services for residents of Benin's primary cities (Cotonou, Porto-Novo and Parakou) and selected secondary cities (Abomey-Calavi, Lokossa and Kandi) . The increases in the percentage of expenditures to be financed under the credits, which include increases in percentages for expenditures that the Association has already disbursed against, and reallocation, are necessary to enable the Government of Benin to smoothly complete the project and ensure that all contractors have been fully paid up. The achievement of the project is as follows: (i) the rehabilitation (paving and drainage) of 33.9 kilometers of urban roads is completed (about 126 percent of original project target) providing to 355,000 residents better access to the city centers (121 percent of end of project target); and (ii) the construction of 17.4 km of primary drainage network, protecting more than 981,000 residents from periodic flooding (end of project target exceeded). The implementation progress rating is satisfactory and the project development objective rating is also satisfactory.

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