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Philippines - Inclusive Partnerships for Agricultural Competitiveness Project : indigenous peoples plan : Indigenous peoples development framework (Английский)

The development objective of the Inclusive Partnerships for Agricultural Competitiveness Project for Philippines is to improve access to markets and specifically enhance the competitiveness of smallholder farmers in the targeted agrarian reform community (ARC) clusters. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: it will enable ARBs, smallholder farmers and landless farm workers through their farmer’s organizations (FOs) to engage in agri-enterprise on their own or in partnership with commercial private sector or buyers. Support will be provided in the form of organizational development and extension including technical assistance, rural infrastructure and land tenure services. Investments in productive partnerships in agribusiness of Farmer’s Organizations with private business partners will also be supported through a one-off matching grant to finance feasible business plans of qualified FOs who can provide matching contributions. Projects to be supported under the grant will include investments to improve productivity, product quality, production facilities, semi-processing and marketing, production of value added agricultural products, food safety promotion and improvement, business management, income-generating activities, new product development and provision of services. Infrastructure projects which prove to be critical to make the agri-enterprise work will also be supported.

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