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Western Africa - Niger River Basin Management Project (Английский)

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    IEG Review Team

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    Обзор отчета о завершении проекта

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    Western Africa - Niger River Basin Management Project

  • Ключевые слова

    Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building; river basin management; Environmental and Social Impact; management of water resource; extension of closing date; institutional framework; management of dam; computerized accounting system; shared water resource; theory of change; mobilization of resource; achievement of outcome; other safeguard policies; water resource infrastructure; procurement and disbursement; achievement of targets; growth and development; need and help; project management structure; natural resource protection; adaptable lending; state of knowledge; river basin organization; concentration of people; Program of Activities; net present value; finance for investment; managing water resource; cost of electricity; regional cooperation; financing mechanism; results framework; sustainable financing; institutional enhancement; organizational system; regulating infrastructure; complementary financing; institutional audit; business case; financial sustainability; institutional management; governance issue; project costing; technical committee; operational expense; transboundary water; intermediate outcome; political level; outcome targets; administrative procedure; intermediate indicator; regional consultations; organizational performance; dam activity; organizational chart; financial audits; hydropower plant; cooperative water; resources management; causal link; basin region; social study; social studies; Indicator Target; financial framework; knowledge gap; account changes; institutional analysis; environmental study; procurement management; grant recipient; entry rate; appropriate solutions; international expert; generally well; Environmental Assessment; mitigation measure; financial mechanism; business environment; regulatory function; Political Economy; several countries; safeguard policy; governance challenge; Continuous Learning; operational decisions; river flow; severely limits; administrative efficiency; transparent communication; procurement process; unqualified opinion; national legislation; legal framework; simulation model; legal instrument; future dam; national boundary; development partner; recent years; project financing; national budget; governance risk; fiduciary risk; internal control; Social Assessment; Consulting services; organizational support; organizational audit; cooperative management; ecosystem conservation; storage dam; investment program; riparian state; complementary environmental; marine resource; several steps; ecosystem service; investor conference; regional context; food insecurity; fragile areas; downstream dam; hydropower generation; water flow; large dam; hydrological information; sustainable management; national stakeholder; rural parts; stakeholder consultation; poor community; environmental flow

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