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Central Asia Energy-Water Development Program : Annual Report 2013 (Английский)

This annual report describes the Central Asia Energy Water Development Program (CAEWDP) activities, accom¬plishments and management for the period of January 1st to December 31st, 2013. CAEWDP was formally established as a trust fund in 2010 by the Government of Switzerland and the World Bank. The Program supports the Central Asian countries and the World Bank twin goals to reduce poverty and ensure shared prosperity through long-term economic growth and sustainability. By balancing donor support with national and regional objectives, CAEWDP is able to enhance coopera¬tion and promotion of integrated energy and water development initiatives at the regional as well as national levels. The Program activities address chal¬lenges of energy development, water productivity, and energy-water linkages by supporting diagnostics and analysis, preparing investments, and strengthen¬ing national and regional institutions. Looking forward, CAEWDP offers a transforma¬tional vision for Central Asia that will help countries prosper through more sustainable management of shared energy and water resources. CAEWDP will solicit additional support from current and prospec¬tive donors, strengthen partnerships and expand its activities to meet countries’ demands.

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