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China - Shandong Power Plant Flue Gas Desulfurization Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 6) : Shandong Yantai Bajiao Power Plant : environmental management plan (Английский)

The Shandong power plant flue gas desulfurization project for China aims to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions in Shandong Province. The objective will be achieved through development and implementation of a province-wide SO2 emissions reduction program in the heat and thermal power sector. Environmental impacts are foreseen during the project including air pollution from dust emission; construction waste of demolishing current buildings in project location; noise; limeston powder; wastewater from gypsum dewatering process; and solid waste. Mitigating measures will include: choosing of equipments to meet the standards and carrying out preventive measures - straight flow design of the flue pipe and sound insulated support structure to reduce noise; planting shrubbery and arbor around the plant for sound absorption. Wastewater will be treated in a new 10 TPH chemical treatment plant and reuse for spraying after treatment. The wastewater after washing will be collected in drainage and delivered to absorption tower by pumps.

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