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Girls and schools in sub-Saharan Africa : from analysis to action : Les filles et l'ecole en Afrique sub-Saharienne : de l'analyse a l'action (Французский)

This study presents a summary of the major research findings on the factors that constrain girls' schooling in sub-Saharan Africa. The factors are discussed under three categories: 1) sociocultural and socioeconomic factors; 2) factors related to the school environment; and 3) political and institutional factors. To help bridge the gap between the increasingly rich and detailed analyses of the problems of female education in the region and the dearth of actions to address them, the study provides an outline of an approach on how this knowledge may be used to design interventions targeted at reducing the gender gap in education access, attainment and achievement in the region. It also offers an overview of some of the promising strategies, programs and projects being tried to promote girls' educational participation in various parts of the developing world.

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    Odaga, Adhiambo Heneveld, Ward

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    Les filles et l'ecole en Afrique sub-Saharienne : de l'analyse a l'action

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    Girls; Schools; Africa, South of Sahara; Socioeconomic conditions; Women's education; Gender differences

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