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Peru - Vilcanota Valley Rehabilitation and Management Project (Английский)

The Vilcanota Valley Rehabilitation and Management Project will support the sustainable management of historical, cultural and ecological assets in the Vilcanota Valley, through investments in tourism management and services, urban environment infrastructure, the rehabilitation of historical and cultural sites, and, municipal capacity building. It comprises four inter-related components: 1) tourism capacity building and infrastructure development, will support sustainable tourism sector development, through investments in visitor services, historic preservation and cultural education for local residents, and tourists. Specific activities include the development of a network of visitor/ interpretation centers, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in Machu Picchu Pueblo, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo and Winaywayna, and, support as well to improvements in basic sanitation and solid waste collection services, at specific campsites along the Inca Trail using green technologies; 2) urban services and infrastructure rehabilitation will support the development of a regional solid waste management system, using eco-industrial technologies that minimize adverse environmental impact. A regional solid waste assessment will be conducted under the project to identify an appropriate strategy and design, for a regional solid waste management system. Resettlement of vulnerable households in Machu Picchu Pueblo includes options for cash compensation, relocation within the city limits, or resettlement to a new community. The Project will support detailed engineering studies, environmental impact assessments, and physical investments in environmentally, sustainable storm water drainage systems for urban areas in the Valley; 3) local economic development will support community-driven development, by enhancing the capacity of local tourism service providers, constructing community tele-centers, and promoting local economic initiatives, through the development of a marketplace facility; 4) strategic planning and municipal capacity building will enhance the capacity of municipalities, through investments that include: a regional strategic environmental assessment, and development of a cultural assets plan; and, urban and rural land use plans, including programs in participatory planning, tourism management, municipal finance, management of urban services and disaster prevention.

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