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Environmental and social impact assessment of remediation of five contaminated sites (Английский)

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Montenegro are preparing the Industrial Waste Management and Clean-up Project (IWMCP) with the objectives to reduce the environmental and health risks posed by selected industrial waste disposal sites and to strengthen the local institutional capacity for regulation and management of industrial and hazardous waste. The project implementation is expected to be funded with financial support from the World Bank. The five sites are the most contaminated sites in Montenegro and are, except for Maljevac site, highly contaminated according to both national and international standard. The contaminated sites represent a risk for continues exposure of chemicals to both human and environment. The dominating pathways for spread of contaminants to environment or human is through windborne contaminated dust, leaking of chemicals to the groundwater, direct skin contact with contamination and, for Biejla, leakage of contaminants to the sea. The objective of the project is to mitigate the existing negative impacts from the contamination. The remediation will remove or limit the various pathways for spreading of contamination to humans and the environment and limit the future risk for exposure. The remediation will, in this way, have a significant positive impact on local populations and the environment.

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