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Brazil - Landfill Gas Recovery Umbrella Project : environmental report : Marco socioambiental (Португальский)

The Landfill Gas Recovery Umbrella Project of Brazil aims to process solid waste and will contribute to the following general objectives: reduce environmental and health impacts related to inadequate allocation of municipal solid waste (MSW); reducing poverty and improving social inclusion for collectors of municipal solid waste in Brazil, through professional training and programs to generate employment and income; and improving regulatory and institutional financial management of municipal solid waste and attracting more private investment to the sector. There is a number of contributing negative factors to the project. Among the main sources of noise and vibration are the traffic of trucks, compaction, picks and other systems of transport. There will be emissions from vehicles, dust and odors during the receiving, unloading, processing and storage of waste. The areas of manure storage and processing of waste materials may contain organic contaminants. In addition, the municipal waste may contain fecal material and blood from humans and animals that have a variety of micro-organisms of disease.

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