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Vietnam - Road Network Improvement Project : resettlement action plan (Vol. 8) : Resettlement action plan for NH21/1 Nam Dinh - Lac Quan (Английский)

The Road Network Improvement Project (RNIP) for Vietnam will focus on the rehabilitation, and strategic widening of roadways, in the Northern provinces in Vietnam, thus reducing road transit times and vehicle-operating costs, while improving road access to poor, isolated agricultural communities, and facilitating agricultural production marketing. This resettlement action plan (RAP) provides the policy framework for compensation, resettlement and rehabilitation of displaced persons, as a result of project implementation, in compliance with the country's legal and regulatory policies, and the Bank's guidelines on resettlement. It is presented in 4 volumes: the Umbrella Report (V. 1) which provides the general guidelines; RAP National Highway NH 37 (V. 2); RAP National Highway NH 47 (V. 3); and, RAP National Highway NH 48 outlining the policy framework for each specific road segment. Compensation payments will be awarded at replacement costs, while land for land arrangements will be made, unless replacement land is unavailable, or, at the informed request of the displaced person (DP), cash compensation may be provided. Different subsidy allowances and other forms of assistance are also available to different categories of DP. Severely affected DP will be entitled to food aid, and/or training and income restoration programs, available through the District Agricultural Extension Office, and other relevant offices. Public consultation should enhance an active participation in the planning, and implementation of the RAP, being the responsibility of the project management unit to implement a public information campaign. Grievance mechanisms should be addressed beginning with the Commune People's Committee (PC), to be followed if needed, subsequently at the district PC, the provincial PC, and finally at the district peoples court. External monitoring and evaluation will also verify that complaints have been resolved appropriately in accordance with the RAP policy framework. Additionally, the project includes both internal, and external monitoring and evaluation measures, focusing on social impacts of the project, and whether the DP have improved, or at least maintained their living standards, income earning capacity, and production levels.

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