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Yugoslavia - Kikinda Iron Foundry Expansion Project (Английский)

The project includes: (a) Expansion and modernization of the malleable foundry, including two hot blast cupolas, four electric induction furnaces, two flaskless molding lines, one automatic molding line, two annealing furnaces and supporting facilities; (b) Expansion of the gray and nodular foundry, with four electric furnaces, one automatic molding line, one annealing furnace, and core-making facilities, one heat treatment plant, one sand preparation plant and supporting facilities; (c) Expansion and modernization of the fitting finishing shop, including thirteen automatic machines, six lathes, one new galvanizing plant, one additional packing unit and supporting facilities; (d) Expansion and modernization of the machine tool plant including relocation of existing machines, replacement of old machines, addition of numerically-controlled machines and a climatized mounting room; (e) A new streamlined storage and materials handling system; (f) Expansion and modernization of the existing facilities for the distribution of electric power, gas, compressed air and water and the installation of one new gas-heated steam boiler; (g) Construction of a railroad connection to the public railroad system; and (h) Installation of equipment for dust and fume extraction.

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