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IDA19 : Implementation of Policy Commitments and Results Update (Английский)

The International Development Association (IDA) has delivered a swift, targeted, and agile response of unprecedented scale to the global COVID-19 crisis, while accelerating progress on longer-term commitments and supporting robust development results in IDA countries. The magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented in the history of IDA, but despite the challenges and constraints of working amidst a global pandemic and combined with rapidly growing financing needs in IDA countries, IDA has successfully mobilized massive support for its clients while staying on track to deliver on longer-term development priorities and accelerating progress in meeting a number of policy commitments. The ambitious IDA19 agenda has been critical in guiding support to IDA countries, and while starting IDA19 farther from the agreed goals and in a much more challenging environment, IDA has risen to the occasion and helped save lives while continuing to deliver on longer-term priorities.

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