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On participation of CIS countries in the global round of international comparison of gross domestic product for 2011 (Английский)

The countries of the commonwealth of independent states (CIS) actively participated, beginning with the 90's, in the comparisons of gross domestic product (GDP) and purchasing power parities (PPPs) carried out in the framework of the international comparisons program (ICP) United Nation (UN). Participation of CIS countries in new global round of ICP UN for 2011 was considered at the 42-nd meeting of the council of heads of statistical services of the CIS countries (23 - 24 November of 2009). Executive Committee of the CIS requested the governments of the CIS countries to render support to participation of the countries in the new round of global ICP for 2011. The council of heads of statistical services of the CIS countries entrusted CIS statistics (STAT) to carry out the functions of a regional coordinating agency in comparisons in the CIS region. The following CIS countries participated in the comparison: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. In this context, this report presents as of to-date the CIS-STAT carried out activities and timetable of the works on international comparisons of GDP in the CIS region for 2011 in the framework of the global round of ICP.

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