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Ethiopia - AFRICA EAST- P160279- Ethiopia: National Quality Infrastructure Development Project - Procurement Plan (Английский)

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    Wondwosen Fisseha Kidanie

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    План закупок

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    Ethiopia - AFRICA EAST- P160279- Ethiopia: National Quality Infrastructure Development Project - Procurement Plan

  • Ключевые слова

    technology selection; server infrastructure; private sector engagement; conformity assessment; maintenance and repair; fruit and vegetable; testing laboratory; allocation of responsibility; Revised Plan Date; contract award information; food safety system; standards infrastructure; laboratory infrastructure; market approach; leather industry; test equipment; value chain; laboratory services; contract completion; calibration laboratory; project request; need assessment; competitive procurement; certification system; inspection body; least cost; metrology standard; technical component; international standard; consultancy service; agricultural product; leather products; standards development; laboratory testing; budget plan; technical proposal; credit contract; social issue; gender strategy; certified reference; cleaner production; regulatory function; social safeguard; temperature calibration; pressure calibration; electrical calibration; mass calibration; certification accreditation; life span; gender responsiveness; impact analysis; cargo inspection; equipment specification; local expert; textile industry; social compliance; vegetable producer; system certification; project quality; mechanical equipment; measurement traceability; international accreditation; skill development; Client Engagement; procurement opportunity; reference material; leased assets; national procurement; procurement process; procurement procedure; frequency measurement; national market; procurement activities; procurement transaction; high sea; complaints mechanism; equipment maintenance; repair service

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