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Brazil - Federal Water Resources Management Project (PROAGUA) (Английский)

The Federal Water Resources Management Project (PROAGUA) aims to: i) promote sustainable use and participatory management of water resources in Brazil in general, and in the Northeast in particular; and ii) provide reliable and sustainable access to water for domestic, municipal, and other uses in priority river basins in the Northeast. The project has five components. a) Water resources management will support institutional development, which will cover the areas of legislation, state agencies, human resources, and bulk water rights. It will also support the technical basis for National Water Resources Management System (SINGRH) including the hydrometeorological networks and information systems. b) Infrastructure will provide water supplies for communities with problems of water supply for domestic consumption. c) Planning, studies and project design will support planning at both the state and river basin levels, and studies to identify solutions to the imbalance between water demand and availability. d) The Sao Francisco watershed component will support the creation and effective start-up of the Sao Francisco River Basin Committee. e) Management, monitoring, and evaluation will support project oversight at the highest level, project management at federal level, and project monitoring and evaluation, as well as auditing.

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