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Indonesia - National Urban Development Project (Английский)

The objective of the National Urban Development Project for Indonesia is to increase the number of participating cities carrying out integrated planning and prioritizing their capital investments. The project has 4 components. (1) National urban institutional and policy development component will support the strengthening of inter-ministerial coordination on cross-sectoral urban issues at the national level. It will also support the development of national policies, guidelines and strategies to promote efficient, sustainable and climate-resilient urban development. (2) Integrated planning for urban development component will strengthen the quality, strategic approach and implementation of integrated spatial planning within the participating cities, and links spatial planning with the prioritization of capital investments. In addition, a spatiallyinformed, medium-term, annually rolling capital investment planning and budgeting framework will be developed and implemented under this component. (3) City financial management capacity development component will finance capacity building activities and support necessary systems, equipment and tools for local governments to address constraints to effective implementation of prioritized capital investments, including demand side constraints to accessing alternative sources of finance beyond national government transfers. (4) Project implementation support component will finance the costs of Project Management Support (PMS) for the Central Project Management Unit (CPMU), Technical Management Consultants (TMCs) for all PIUs and Oversight ServiceProviders (OSPs) to strengthen the capacity of the CPMU and the PIUs to oversee implementation of the program at national, provincial and city levels. It will include contract supervision, financial and technical audit, oversight on the inclusion of environmental and social safeguards aspects (including citizen engagement), monitoring and evaluation.

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