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Bosnia and Herzegovina - Improving land tenure security and registration of property rights system (Английский)

This Results Profile talks about improving land tenure security and registration of property rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Systems for the registration of property rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina had been in disarray since World War II. Records were lost and people were displaced, and the legal records often no longer reflected the actual situation. Over the last twenty years, informal development of large areas occurred because of the difficulty in getting permission to build or occupy property. It was very difficult to complete basic real estate transactions, develop property or to borrow money based on property as collateral. The International Development Association financed Land Registration Project, which had contributed to a significant reduction of backlogs in property registration and more efficient customer service in many courts. New service standard was developed and adopted to help improve services, transparency, speed and accuracy of registrations. Service delivery has improved through automation, physical infrastructure, and eliminated corruption opportunities. Property registration takes between two and five days against several months prior to the launch of the project.

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