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Tobacco consumption in Papua New Guinea (Английский)

Tobacco use is a major challenge to international development. Despite being a signatory to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and a Tobacco Free Pacific, Papua New Guinea is one of the ten countries with the highest rates of tobacco use in the world. Tobacco consumption in Papua New Guinea imposes a significant burden to households; disproportionally affecting poor households. The Government of Papua New Guinea has announced in its 2015 National Budget a change to the indexation arrangements applying to tobacco excise so that it is increased by 5 percent biannually (10 percent annually) for the next five years. This will help Papua New Guinea to achieve the target of raising the excise duty to 70 percent of the retail price. However, this policy must be supported by other control measures including advertising bans, smoke free zones, public education, warning pictures and the enforcement of rules against tobacco sales to minors.

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