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Higher education in Kazakhstan (Английский)

This joint OECD and World Bank report provides an overview of the impressive forward thinking and steadfast application of education reform in Kazakhstan and offers advice on issues of access, equity, quality, and decentralization of management and financing responsibilities. The examiners' report gives an analysis of the post-secondary education sector within the economic, social and political context of Kazakhstan. The final synthesis chapter brings together specific recommendations and sets out how policies can and should be addressed system wide, linked to priority issues of access and equity, student evaluation and efficient use of resources. Overall, the team's conclusion is that Kazakhstan's tertiary education system has some strengths, but a greater number of weaknesses, which - unless tackled - will inhibit the country's pursuit of higher competitiveness and full development of its human capital. One general weakness is that, often, statistical evidence the team hoped to find was not available, or not in a form allowing secure conclusions or international comparisons. It is very important to improve this statistical evidence base. Educational leaders and policy makers need full and reliable information to understand what is happening in the tertiary education system, evaluate how well it meets the needs of students, employers and the economy, and steer it effectively into the future.

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