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Labor Management Procedures Railway Improvement and Safety for Egypt (P175137) (Английский)

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    Borrowing Agency

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  • Тип документа

    Procedure and Checklist

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  • Страна

    Арабская Республика Египет,

  • Регион

    Ближний Восток и Северная Африка,

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  • Название документа

    Labor Management Procedures Railway Improvement and Safety for Egypt (P175137)

  • Ключевые слова

    employee will re; employment of children in hazardous work; terms and conditions of employment; annual leave; Occupational health and safety; written notice of termination; occupational safety and health; health and safety risk; written contract; community health and safety; social security law; minimum age for employment; high levels of protection; workplace health and safety; right of the child; contract terms and conditions; work permit requirements; sick leave; Gender-Based Violence; social insurance payments; code of conduct; national railway; personal protective equipment; number of workers; public sector employment; gender based violence; social security benefit; age of employment; accident and disease; people with disability; minimum working age; termination of employment; access to training; rights of workers; use of security; freedom of movement; place of work; number of amendments; categories of worker; waste management plan; Grievance Redress Service; health care facilities; risk of accident; health care facility; minister of industry; centralized traffic control; community action group; safety management; emergency management plan; causes of accident; payment of salary; freedom of association; continuity of supply; risk of incident; corrective action plans; appropriate mitigation measures; forced labor; child labor; working condition; grievance mechanism; Labor Law; sexual harassment; labor management; civil works; minimum wage; overtime work; rest period; contract worker; weekly rest; construction material; medical authority; maternity leave; contractual requirement; maternity benefit; paid maternity; work period; working day; construction activities; procurement documents; legal right; labor relation; insurance scheme; safety precaution; social distance; raw material; communication strategy; new contract; track renewal; accidental death; project effectiveness; work contracts; executive regulation; train control; safety performance; national legislation; spot check; severance payment; fair treatment; pension contribution; working relationship; safety measure; medical advice; pregnant woman; executive decree; job description; contractual agreement

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