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Food safety toolkit : implementation, monitoring and evaluation (Vol. 5) : Продовольственной безопасности Инструментарий: Оценка рисков, обеспечения соблюдения и проверки (Русский)

The Investment Climate Department of the World Bank Group helps governments implement reforms to improve their business environments and encourage and retain investment, thus fostering competitive markets, growth, and job creation. The food safety regulatory system needs to be built upon several key elements, three of which are risk focused. 1) Risk assessment, the process of identifying food safety hazards, assessing likelihood of occurrence and severity, and evaluating the significance; 2) Risk management, the coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and or impact of food-borne incidents and to maximize the realization of opportunities to prosper throughout the food sector; 3) Risk communication, the process of ensuring that the logic, outcomes, significance, and limitations of the risk assessment are clearly understood by all stakeholders. Primary responsibility for food safety lies with food business operators. Inspectors control how food safety is secured by food handlers and whether regulatory requirements are met. Inspectors advise food business operators how to meet regulatory requirements. Inspectors must be well trained in order to recognize which non-conformities may pose health risks. Inspectors must identify the level of risk associated with certain non-conformities and impose measures accordingly. To conclude, the goal of inspection should be to support food business operators and enable them to improve safety of their products and at the same time to prevent food that was proved to be unsafe to reach consumers.

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    Продовольственной безопасности Инструментарий: Оценка рисков, обеспечения соблюдения и проверки

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