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Peru - First Education Project : Peru - Primer Proyecto de Educacion (Испанский)

The First Education Project for Peru will consist of: (i) construction, furnishing and equipping, of 33 new lower secondary schools within the basic general education level, to be located in medium-sized cities, one in each of the 33 school zones created by the administrative reform. Ten of the secondary schools will also provide facilities for primary grades. These schools would be models in implementing the new primary school curriculum, now in experimental use, which provides for new approaches in science, mathematics, social sciences, and languages. The 33 schools will, in all, provide 21,000 additional student places; (ii) construction of, and equipment for, 16 new ESEP (Escuelas Superiores de Educacion Profesional - Upper Secondary Schools for Professional Training) schools, which will provide training in major occupational fields - agriculture, industry training, services, and teacher training. These schools will have a total capacity of 11,500 new student places, including 1,400 boarding places; and (iii) technical assistance to support project institutions in introducing the new program, in particular to develop the teacher training programs and curricula for the first two phases of the reform.

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