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Nigeria - National Energy Development Project (Английский)

The National Energy Development Project will continue supporting the Government's energy sector reform, and facilitate the transition of the energy sector to the new market and institutional structure. The project outcomes include efficiency, supply and service improvements in the power sector, demonstration of possible models to scale-up electricity access, and preparatory work required to launch the gas pipeline, and related power generation project. Following, is a summary of the project components. The transmission component includes investments to upgrade and improve power transmission operation. The second component entails investments to scale-up the Commercial Reorientation of the Electricity Sector Toolkit (CREST) program in selected clusters in the new successive distribution companies, and, technical assistance to develop new models of private sector participation in the distribution business. The third component, access expansion and intensification, and renewable energy will support the design and implementation of several pilots, the National Renewable Energy Master Plan and the development of market models for cross-sectoral energy applications. Finally, the fourth component will provide technical assistance, and capacity building for preparatory work related to the gas pipeline and gas-to-power project, capacity building and operations of the Project Management Unit, and, HIV/AIDS prevention and communications.

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