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Mali - Pilot Private Irrigation Promotion Project : Mali - Projet Pilote de Promotion de l'Irrigation Privée (Французский)

The overall development objective of the Pilot Private Irrigation Promotion Project is to improve and induce, through capacity building activities, an investment expansion in small-scale irrigation, contributing to increased on-farm diversification of investments, productivity, and food security. The specific medium-term objective is to increase technical and managerial services delivery to small-scale irrigation producers. Furthermore, the project will, through training, strengthen: (a) financial institution expertise in appraising investment projects in irrigation; and (b) technical performance of individual consultants and firms. The project's seven components are: (1) support to the implementing agency, aimed at building institutional and technical capacity; (2) technical and managerial services and training, aimed at improving capacity of small-scale irrigation producers, private sector entities, and financial institutions; (3) legal services and technical studies to formalize land tenure arrangements, and create legally registered producer groups; (4) testing of irrigation equipment; (5) capacity building aimed at strengthening producer organizations and individual private irrigators; (6) environmental monitoring and mitigation of water-borne diseases and soil degradation; and (7) socio-economic surveys and studies aimed at monitoring incentives and development impact.

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