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China - Fujian Fishing Ports Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 3) : Environmental code of practices (Китайский)

The development objective of the Fujian Fishing Ports Project for China is to reduce the vulnerability of the fishing sector in selected counties of Fujian province to natural disasters and climate related risks. Negative impacts include: land acquisition, sediments disturbance, dredged material spills, inadequate environmental management practice, sewage, domestic garbage, community disturbance, secure safety, sediment pollution, noise, water quality degradation, and loss of benthic organisms. Mitigation measures include: (1) preparing resettlement plan in accordance with national policy and World Bank policy; (2) preparing environmental management plan, including dredged material management plan; (3) locating the construction site away from immediately adjacent property owners; (4) conducting proper treatment of wastewater, collection, and disposal of solid waste; (5) implementing ecological compensation program of man-made reef; (6) keeping pipes hermetic to avoid the mud water spill; and (7) improving vessel traffic control system for sea area of Ningde city as well as the monitoring capacity of law enforcement team.

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