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Colombia - Support to the National Urban Transport Program Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 9) : Sistema integrado de transporte masivo del area Metropolitana de Bucaramanga anexo 1 (Испанский)

The Support to the National Urban Transport Program (NUTP) Project is to enhance the efficiency, affordability, safety, and environmental sustainability of the provision of public transit services in selected Colombian cities participating in the project. The specific objectives of the project are to: Mitigate and offset the impacts caused by involuntary displacement; Re-establish the socioeconomic conditions of the displaced population; Make resettlement as an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of urban land use of Cartagena; Advise USE owners located on Pedro de Heredia avenue strategic relocation of its business; Provide advice on the changes brought about by the shift in organization and business productivity; Accompany families in their physical relocation, but primarily in restoration of psychosocial and cultural conditions. Some negative impacts of the project include; Loss of access to education; Increased transport costs; Loss of income from the property owners; Loss of public services; Loss of employment. The impact generated by the project can be considered culturally and economically positive for the whole city, in that it will recover a damaged area that is not fulfilling its social function, and it will ensure its return to active life and cultural city. However, there is a downside, that is the perception that the work has a negative impact on economic users of the street who are under pressure to move to places which have economic uncertainty and the possible loss of their social environment.

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    Sistema integrado de transporte masivo del area Metropolitana de Bucaramanga anexo 1

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