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360° Resilience : The Bahamas (Английский)

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    Краткие сведения

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    Карибский бассейн,

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    Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна,

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    360° Resilience : The Bahamas

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    return period; access to basic water services; climate change and disaster risk; Resilient Recovery and Reconstruction; formal deposit insurance system; monitoring and evaluation plan; access to financial service; access to primary education; national disaster management; gender gap in access; state-owned enterprise; Infection Prevention and Control; access to secondary education; protection of minority investor; integrated coastal zone management; health information system; climate change law; hazard map; business continuity plan; Social Safety Nets; alternative risk transfer; Access to Energy; state of emergency; emergency operations center; early warning system; emergency social service; resilient infrastructure; losses from flood; sustainable development plan; public investment management; sea level rise; land tenure security; monetary policy independence; public asset; waste water treatment; Disaster Risk Reduction; climate change risk; Water Resource Management; evaluation of effectiveness; financial sector assessment; access to ict; Public Health Emergency; social protection targeting; rights to land; access to finance; primary school enrollment; secondary school enrollment; credit reporting system; risk reduction planning; alternative delivery mechanism; degree of decentralization; health emergency preparedness; public health providers; safe learning environment; human resource capacity; essential health services; public health professional; control of corruption; social protection system; health surveillance system; crops and climate; Rule of Law; response to shock; conflicts of interest; Public Finance Management; traffic light system; consultation of stakeholders; Land Registration System; payment of fee; country deposit insurance; private sector service; climate change impact; climate risk insurance; probability of occurrence; summary of risks; exchange rate regime; source of funding; bank account access; personal protective equipment; country governance; distance education modality; access to school; disaster risk management; absence of violence; national health-sector; residual risk; emergency response; natural hazard; long-term strategy; national climate; building regulation; environmental law; disaster relief; hr capacity; insurance penetration; traditional insurance; research capacity; health facility; feedback mechanism; response plan; climate adaptation; financial solvency; liquidity risk; adaptation plans; tax revenue; institutional framework; disaster emergency; emergency procurement; national system; requirements of banks; procurement procedure; tourism industry; fiscal rule; debt sustainability; education facility; social care; national strategy; governmental actors; in school; decentralized decision; procuring entity; risk map; extreme heat; vulnerability maps; assessment program; Urban Planning; coastal flood; management agencies; finance agency; disaster impacts; sector fund; natural disaster; fiscal balance; fire suppression; farmers uses; market penetration; emergency situation; mitigation efforts; annual procurement; land mass; long-term risk; other sectors; capital funding; case management; tax level; financial inclusion; response activity; contingent credit; prevention program; physical asset; national legislation; cadastral system; agricultural practice; evaluation framework; hospital staff; mobile money; disaster situation; emergency education; financial resource; urban development; Natural Resources; national budget; governmental agency; job requirement; pedagogical skill; land use; education systems; asset loss; subject area; time sery; educational level; trade deficit; economic sector; alternative use; trained worker; account ownership; fund for health; risk volatility; water scarcity; financial vulnerability; pension system; risk communication; insurance scheme; government revenue; central management; annual budget; affected households; urban flood; flood depth; professional service

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