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Tunisia - Second Transport Sector Investment Project (Английский)

The objectives of the Second Transport Investment Project for Tunisia are to a) upgrade the economic efficiency and quality of transport services; and b) reduce the sector's financial burden on the government by paving the way for greater private sector investment and participation in delivering transport services, boosting the performance of remaining public enterprises through cost cutting and management capacity building measures, and better targeting of subsidies to satisfy social and economic needs. The project implements measures to reform and improve the urban transport sector along guidelines set forth by the Government; and modernizes rail services to support the phosphate industry. The three project components: 1) invest in improving public bus services through enhanced maintenance of the fleet and traffic management practices, streamline operations of the light rail system in Tunis, and finance severance payments; 2) support institutional capacity building at decentralized level in management and regulatory matters, and includes technical assistance for preparation of bidding documents for construction and extension of mass transit systems; and 3) raises the productivity and cost efficiency of phosphate transport by rail by implementing an investment program to modernize traffic management systems and increase the infrastructure capacity in the phosphate railway network, strengthens the autonomous business unit in charge of that network, and finances redundancies.

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