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Laos - Khammouane Rural Livelihood Project (KRLP) : enviromental assessment (Vol. 2) : Executive summary (Английский)

The Khammouane Rural Livelihood Project (KRLP) for Laos PDR development objective is to strengthen the planning process and public financial management associated with decentralized delivery of services and infrastructure. KRLP aim to improve rural livelihoods through small scale grants, are designed with a participatory assessment and implementation approach, and have capacity-building as a major focus. The project mitigating factors are follows: (i) discuss with the applicant how to improve the activity, or reject the proposal; (ii) attach the signed KRLP screening form and code of practice for contractors to the grant agreement and contractors contract, include references to the safeguard documents in possible bidding documents; (iii) obtain water quality monitoring reports from Leo People's Democratic Republic (NT2) and ensure that the water quality complies with Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) irrigation water quality standards. Organize consultations with communities to ensure that there are no aesthetic concerns. Prepare an Environmental Management Plan, to be attached to the grant agreement and included/referenced in the bidding documents; (iv) identification and integration of environmental safeguards training before and during project implementation; (v) increase efficiency of operation of the system and match supply with requirement of water users; and (vi) maintain proper drainage of the area. The rehabilitation and construction of eligible small-scale irrigation schemes and its subsequent operation may result in some direct and indirect negative construction impacts. Certain supported project activities may also require minimal land acquisition or cause minor social impacts on some members of the community. An increased water usage may limit water availability for the downstream users and step up the use of pesticides in the irrigated areas. Furthermore, as the quality of the water released from the NT2 reservoir is expected to decline, and considering that the water will likely also be used for other purposes, aesthetic concerns or complaints may arise. The project will have negative impacts on soils and public health when unsuitable water quality is used for irrigation.

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